Women are lucky that they can play with their look, changing it with every occasion. ” – Patrick Havegheer


Our team was in Hong Kong where we had an exciting time, we had many photo shoots, spotted interesting trends and met especially interesting people who work in the beauty and fashion industry just like us. We met Patrick Havegheer from Belgium (it was exciting to speak to him!). Patrick is a makeup and beauty expert with an impressive cv. He gave us a makeup lesson with our Fashion and Beauty Director Charlotte Mesman acting as the model.

In this step-by-step makeup lesson, Patrick Havegheer demonstrates all stages of daily skincare and makeup. In the first part, Patrick explains how to create a natural look. In the second part, Patrick shows you how you can quickly switch to a perfect sophisticated evening look that is totally appropriate for a dinner or a party. You will be surprised at how easy it is.

But first, a little more about Patricks cosmopolitan background. Patrick is, as I said, from neighboring Belgium where he studied fashion. After a short stop in Paris, he was in Milan, where he worked for five years as makeup artist, trainer and a spokesperson for Versace makeup. Then he held the same position for seven years in Yves Saint Laurent Asia, and that’s how Patrick ended up in Hong Kong. His work has been published in international fashion magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Grazie, just to name a few.


Patrick, who had acquired much experience after all these years in the field, started BEAUTY ADVICE in Hong Kong. It’s a place where you can go for professional makeup and skin care advice. It was here that we first met Patrick.

Let’s start with our skin care and makeup lesson. From here on, the words are Patrick’s

Skincare, from base makeup to evening makeup. Keep it simple!

Some women possess the talent of looking good anytime and anywhere. They know exactly how to take care of their skin and they do it right on every occasion. They are daring enough to go with little makeup when jogging, walking or sunbathing on the beach. Whether they use a little makeup or a lot of makeup, they always look good. That’s something I admire. I think a woman should be versatile, instead of using the same makeup style for every occasion. Women are lucky in that they can play with their look and change their appearance with every season.

In this step-by-step MAKEOVER I’m going to build Charlotte’s natural basic look and sophisticated evening look. Contrary to what you might have thought, caring for your skin and your makeup, both day and night, doesn’t require the use of many products. I always say: keep it simple. Let’s start!

Step 1: daily skin care

Charlotte has no makeup on, her skin is ready. Proper skin care is very important, as it can significantly improve your skin and instantly adds a healthy and beautiful gloss. All you need to do is to treat your skin every day, with the right products and good care. I chose products from Esse Organic Skincare for Charlotte’s face. Esse is a certified organic skin care collection from South Africa. I love working with this brand.

First of all, I apply Esse’s crèmecleanser (facial cleanser) and toner (lotion) on Charlotte’s skin. Then I dab eye cream around the eyes and lips (Esse’s eye cream works for both the eyes and lips, two delicate areas of the face). I also place a bit of cream on the so-called “laugh lines” next to the mouth. Finally, I apply moisturizer to the skin to hydrate the skin without it being too greasy.

This is the daily skincare routine that I would recommend everyone to follow. It is very simple. You only need four products: cleanser, lotion, eye cream and moisturizing cream that suits your skin tone.

Step 2: Protect your skin from the sun

Esse’s products contain UV filter, but I would still choose a specific SPF. Today it is rather sunny in Hong Kong, so I would use a factor of 30. For rainy days, I would recommend factor 20. It is very important to protect your skin. against the sun Asian women want to be fair, therefore they would protect their skin from the sun as much as possible, and that’s good. But we “Northerners” would sometimes careless with our skin, but it is sensitive and requires careful handling. Especially in the summer, acquiring a tan has a hard time on the skin. It is essential that you protect your skin properly. In time, you can really see the difference between women who have always protected their skin adequately and women who have not done so (the same also applies to men).

For sun protection I like to use Coola Organic Suncare from California. Coola is green (eco-conscious) and luxurious at the same time.  The products are formulated to nourish your skin with vitamins, natural protectors and antioxidants. Rub the product into your skin, do not forget the delicate area around your eyes

Once you have chosen an SPF factor then you are ready for the day. Unless you want to add a little more beauty products to your skin. For Charlotte, I will do the following steps.

Step 3: Correct the complexion

 Charlotte’s skin is a little red. I’m going to remove the redness with Fatal Beauty Skin and Field’s Complexion Perfector, an anti-aging skincare line from the former model Joyce Musy. A little bit of product is enough. There is now a beautiful shine on Charlotte’s  skin.

Step 4: BB cream

I could stop here (Charlotte is about to start her day) but I want to show you how to do up your face for the day, and to care for your skin at night. I start with BB cream (which use daily, after applying SPF and Complexion Perfector) to further equalize Charlotte’s complexion. If you do not feel right without makeup on, then BB cream is the perfect solution. A little bit is enough to equalize your skin.

I use BB cream from the famous Italian makeup brand Collistar that many of you will have heard of. It is a moisturizer and foundation in one, and it is anti-aging (anti-aging). You can apply the BB Cream professionally with a makeup brush, but if you have limited time, you can do it with just your fingers.

Step 5: camouflage and highlight

Now I’m going to continue correcting Charlotte’s skin with Field’s Eye Magic, a product that contains rooibos which is intended to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, but it also very good as a camouflage product. I dab a bit on the eyelids, the nose, upper and lower lips and laugh lines. The product lights the skin up and has a nice glossy effect. It is a key product in make-up, which is all about lightening and darkening different regions of the skin.

Step 6: foundation

If you want, you can use the base that I have created – a complete foundation for refined skin. Collistar’s Even Finish Foundation Primer is a foundation that also has the camouflage and soothing effects of a primer. Charlotte has been in the sun so I choose a medium color for her that has a similar shade to her tanned skin.

We have now laid the foundation and can start with the makeup. You can use all the products that I have used for Charlotte, but you can modify it – depending on your skin and your taste – omit some steps and make other combinations.

Step 7: A small amount of powder

On dry skin I use small amounts of powder, and more on oily skin. I work with two types of Collistar powder. One has a matte effect and the other puts a nice shine on your skin. Today I use the matte powder because it’s hot outside and the skin would still be prone to sweating. I powder Charlotte’s forehead and nose areas which usually would be the fastest to shine. Then I turn my brush tip over and apply some powder on the eyes and finally I use the brush lightly over the entire face. You really do not need much powder. I always say, use little product.

Step 8: bronzing powder for a healthy look

I use Collistar’s bronzing powder and blush. I place the product only to the cheekbones. Never apply bronzing powder all over your face. Makeup is all about light and shadow. You need to shape your face Do not forget to apply some powder in your neck because that is always a lighter area, especially if you’ve been in the sun.

This is my recommendation for daily skin care. But remember to vary between no makeup, a little makeup and a lot of makeup every day.

Step 9: eyebrow shaping

Make sure you always have nicely shaped eyebrows but remove as little hair as possible. I give Charlotte’s brow shape by removing only a few hairs. I also chose a colour that isn’t too dark for her eyebrows. Choosing the colour ultimately depends on your mood. Darker colours represent strength, while lighter brows soften your look.

Step 10: eyes – eyeshadow base

 You do not make your eyes every day. Sometimes it’s nice to see a girl or a woman with groomed eyebrows, a little lip gloss and mascara. You often do not need much. But today I’m going to draw up Charlotte’s eyes. I will start with a Collistar white eye shadow that I apply with my fingers, using horizontal movements on the moving part of Charlotte’s eyelids. Collistar’s eye shadow is easy to apply and stays put all day.

Step 11: Follow-up with a darker eye shadow

Now I darken Charlotte’s eyes. I will use a brush and follow the brow bone. If you’re doing this yourself, do not close your eyes, just draw your eye up a little like the picture and apply the eyeshadow. You know the rules: light colors accentuate while dark colors obscure. So if you accentuated your eyelids with a light color (see step 10), use a darker color under the brow bone, it will make you look fresh and rested. I also use some light eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye. This is my general approach to eye makeup. It is effective for 90% of women, you only have to proceed differently if you have smaller eyes.

Step 12: Now … and eyeliner!

For Charlotte, I chose a black liquid eyeliner and drew a very thin line on the upper eyelids. I do not draw the line in a single stroke, but little by little. In the inner corners I like the line very thin, but in the farther ends, I make the line a little wider but not too much. While the eyeliner is still wet, I work the line further with a brush. This means that you do not need the line to be perfect when you draw it, as you can always adjust the line with a brush. Now I use a little more black eyeshadow. You can also use dark-coloured eyeshadow instead of pure black to make the look less pronounced.

Step 13: mascara

Eye makeup is never complete without mascara .I used Collistar’s Infinito Mascarato to lengthen. Charlotte’s eyelashes. It is a perfect mascara for daytime.

Step 14: natural lips

The easiest way to do your lips is by smiling with a closed mouth. The lips will pull tight and it’ll be easier to outline them with a lip pencil. Remember: dark lipstick makes your lips look smaller, if you use a lighter lipstick, your lips will look fuller. For daytime, I recommend using a lighter color.

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