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The foundation is important. We still use foundation, but much less than before. Thick layers and cakes of foundation are obsolete. The emphasis has shifted to preparing the skin with products like finish essences, primers, skin enhancers, pore minimizers, BB and CC creams. With (any of) these products as a base a drop of foundation is often enough.

The “Porcelain-like and almost makeup-less effect

Times in the morning when you wash your face, smear some cream over it and then apply foundation are over. If you want to reach the refined “porcelain and almost unmade hue’ effect, then this morning routine will need to be developed further. According to modern standards, foundation is not sufficient.

A natural-looking but very ‘flawless skin’

There has been many developments in the field of skincare and makeup. Many current trends (and beauty products) nowadays come from Korea (beauty addicts will know all about it). A porcelain skin is highly sought for in Asia, daily beauty rituals are extremely refined and focused on creating natural-looking but flawless skin.

Nude hues on the catwalk

This trend has also been seen on international catwalks in Paris, London, Milan and New York. For photos and catwalks, thick layers of foundation were no longer used on the skin of models and mannequins. Shows and sets displayed natural looking hues with minimal foundation use.

Some of these developments in the field of makeup are due to digital cameras that see more than the naked eye, capturing every pore and imperfection.

Hydration is the key

The key to nice looking skin is moisture. The use of moisturizing creams and masks is still fundamental. Once applied, it is important that the moisture is actually absorbed by the skin. Products like Finish Essences may be useful, as they function to seal in the moisture.

Primers, skin enhancers, BB and CC creams

Which one you use depends on your skin type and the effect you want to achieve. Primers provide a good base for your makeup. They ensure that your foundation adheres well and blends as if it were part of your skin. Many primers also have a slight camouflaging effect, they conceal blemishes and redness.

Skin enhancers improve the complexion of your skin. These products are slightly opaque, often have a nice finish and can act to top-up your foundation. BB creams have multiple functions (depending on the brand you use). They blur imperfections, improve your complexion, reduce wrinkles and often contain an anti-sunburn filter. While the main purpose of CC creams (color correcting) is to correct the complexion, these creams often have other features.

If you have beautiful skin, just one of these preparatory products may be enough and you will not need any more. At most you would use a little loose or pressed powder on the T-zone.

Pore ‚Äč‚Äčminimizers

The pore minimizer is a camouflage product that causes pores to be less visible. These products do not cause pores to be smaller, but they do give your skin a beautiful appearance. Use this product only where needed (usually the nose, chin and cheeks in the middle of your face).

  1. One drop is enough!

If your skin needs more than one pre-product for it to look nice, smooth and velvety, go for foundation, but use only very little. Apply the product only in the areas where it is really needed.

Work in layers

We use more products than before and therefore need to work in layers. But did you know how each product is applied nowadays? Layers are applied, beginning with a very thin layer, then moving on to double layers where needed to create perfect, flawless skin with minimal product use. It takes some practice and time, especially as you have to find the right products for your face, but once you have found the winning formula for your skin, you will be amazed at the results.

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