Decide your makeup style for your face shape: round,long or square

How to choose your makeup style according to your face shape

Makeup for round long or square faces

Round, long, oval … The shape of your face determines the makeup that you should use. The purpose of makeup is not only to add some color to your face. Good makeup accentuates your strengths and hides your weaknesses. Working with color ultimately means working with light and shadow. Light and shadow affects the way we perceive shapes.  With a practiced hand, you can make your face appear longer, narrower or even fuller and rounder.

A round face
Women with round faces often dream of having narrow faces with marked cheekbones. Don’t do anything to change your face! Round faces have their merits, as women with rounded faces often look younger. stop complaining. All you have to do use the right makeup and techniques.

Start with a foundation that is close to the shade of your skin. Fix the foundation with colorless powder. This is important as you will apply darker powder (terra or bronzing powder) later on. If you do not fix your foundation with translucent powder, then you risk terra -staining. Apply the dark powder with a large brush (about one to one and half shades darker than your foundation) under the cheekbones toward your ears. This can make your face look thinner right away. Apply your eyeshadow in ascending lines that points towards your temples.

A long face
How do you make long faces look rounder? Rule number one: avoid all vertical or upward lines. Horizontal lines work in your favor.

Apply foundation and fix it with translucent powder. Then apply a lighter and shine-inducing powder on the area between your cheekbones and temples. You then accentuate your cheeks and chin with a slightly darker powder or blush. Make your eyes as ‘horizontal’ as you can by applying your eyeshadow and eyeliner with horizontal movements. When patting blush on your cheeks use horizontal movements instead of the diagonal movements that many women are accustomed to.

An angular face
An angular face appear harsh and scary. Soften it with soft shades and shiny products.

As usual, you start by applying foundation that matches the shade of your skin. Fix the foundation with powder and smile at yourself in the mirror so that you can apply blush to your cheeks. Applying blush will help soften your face a little, choose pink tints for an extra soft effect and make circular motions with the brush. Give the sides of your face (the part of your sleep towards your jaw line) a warm glow with amber powder. Use soft and natural pink and brown tones for your eyes. Avoid hard lines for both your eyes and your mouth (no tight lines along your lashes or marked lines to accentuate the contours of your mouth).

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