men always think about sexIt is said (but how can you calculate that?) that the average man thinks about sex every 52 seconds. Other theories even claim that there are only three seconds between one and the next erotic thought of man. Yet another theory holds that it is more realistic for men to think about sex 80 times a day.

Whatever may be true of – and that will vary from man to man – the fact is that we are dealing with a major phenomenon. That men think about sex a lot and often, we can not ignore.

A man has only to speak with a cute girl and he thinks about how he gets her in the bed or how they would be in bed. He can look at an advertisement and he thinks about sex. He is introduced to a new colleague who is doing work on her computer and … He thinks about sex again. So it goes throughout the day, day after day. Very tiring, it seems to us!

1. Sexual fantasies are genetically determined in the DNA of the man (and therefore in the DNA of the woman …?), and men can not resist this natural tendency to fantasize.The sexual fantasy is part of the genetic heritage of the man, experts confirm. Sexologists, anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists … Sooner or later they all devote to the study of this phenomenon and try to understand this aspect of the male psyche. To what conclusions did they come? What have they discovered about men their and sexual fantasies? Quite a lot. There are numerous theories about the sexual fantasy of the man. Sometimes they vary, sometimes they contradict each other, and sometimes they are downright bizarre, but interesting. We have picked out a few for you.

2. It is not true that men think about sex more often than women do. Social, cultural and religious factors mean that men have more freedom in this area than women. Due to these, it makes it harder for a woman to admit that she thinks of sex as often as men do.

3. It has everything to do with reproduction. The man follows his instincts, and so attempts to be as efficient as possible to procreate. He sees every woman he encounters (okay, not literally every woman… There are limits to the reproductive instinct) as a potential partner. Hence the erotic fantasies, to keep him sharp, shall we say.

4. The male psyche is very sensitive to certain visual stimuli and react instinctively when stimulated in this way (curves, legs, eyes, etc.). If we add that today we are truly overwhelmed with advertising that is completely sexual in nature, then it is no wonder men think about sex as often as they do. It amazes us that all these daily fantasies do not become a big, erotic fantasy that remains with us throughout our lives (for some, that might be the case).


5. Erotic work is used as an outlet for the male libido so that men are able to participate in social life correctly, in a  civil and socially acceptable way


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