find the perfect mini skirt or mini dress for you

 mini skirt or mini dressWhether it has to do with the fickle economy or not (the skirt length would fluctuate with the stock exchanges, you remember it), it’s a fact that this summer the skirt lengths vary as they never did before. The skirts and dresses are stumbling long (as we call it), calf length, knee-length or just on the thigh, sometimes even shorter. Everything is permitted. However, if you choose to wear a short skirt or a short dress, then read on. For this case, we have some useful tips for you.   


With a flared skirt or dress, your legs look slimmer. The A-line is very flattering and it will be easier to carry than a short, straight dress or skirt. Another good option is folds skirt (if there are pleats, make sure that they are not too thick).
Straight styles

The straight (not to talk about: stretch) models are generally the hardest to wear because they accentuate the hips and focuses the legs very much. And then there’s a downside: while walking, it may happen that the step is larger than the scope of the hem of the skirt. The result: the fabric cuts into your thigh and that is just very ugly. So when you are purchasing make sure to test if you can run in it properly. And if it’s a run with geisha steps, don’t buy it.
Skirt or dress with high waist

A high waist makes your legs look longer. Many miniskirts (especially leather skirts, see photos above) have a high waist. Try once such a model. Also mini-dresses with high body contribute a lot to your height and your figure.
The shape of your legs

Every woman has different legs. The shape varies per person. This means that for every woman there is a different length that is the most flattering. How do you find out which skirt length fits best to your legs? Try, is the answer. And the trick is making sure the hem is preciselyre the bone begins to run narrower.
Shorts instead of leggings

In recent seasons we have all enthusiastically participated in the fashion leggings and still we can give them up. But is this tight around the thigh ‘pants’ really so flattering? We have a good alternative for you. Wear a pair of short shorts under a flared mini skirt or dress. You’ll never see it, but it does give that ‘safe’ feeling. It is slightly less exposed and easier with sitting.
Legs with a tan

Miniskirts and dresses of course need well-groomed legs. Wax them carefully and give them a nice shine with a moisturizing cream or silky oil. Moreover, tanned legs look slimmer. Please sun bath or go for a self-tanning cream before you wear a mini skirt or a dress.
Dark colored dresses slim down

Still the rule is: dark colored clothes make you look slimmer. This also applies to mini dresses and skirts!

It’s thought that wedges give an ungainly appearance to legs. But this is not true. On the contrary, the heavier the shoe, the slimmer the leg!
The right underwear

Creating a beautiful silhouette, means playing with shapes and lines. That also applies to your underwear. String panties will give your bottom a fuller look. Furthermore, you thereby avoid the ugly line that underpants often give. Keep in mind that you should be able to sit down and climb stairs decently with straight skirts so it’s probably “safer” to still choose slips. We will continue to weigh the pros and cons.
Choose a style that you feel comfortable with

Miniskirts and dresses are eye-catchers. And if you attract attention, you should of course do it well. Making a confident and not overly confident attitude with a tiny skirt or dress is a success. Therefore choose those minis that make you feel good!

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