Mona Lisa Makeup Look

Some makeup looks are easy to imitate, while others require more advanced techniques and show that nothing is impossible with makeup. Formatting is like painting, it is a form of art with no restrictions or limits. This also applies to the makeup look – inspired by the Mona Lisa – that Mariko Tagayashi, senior makeup artist for MAC Japan, designed for the Somarta show. We were there well before the start of the show and were a given a tutorial on how to create the look.
We followed Tagayashi closely and will provide step by step instructions to recreate the Mona Lisa look yourself. It’s a pretty intense look but you can choose elements that appeal to you and discard those that don’t. Happy experimenting!


Source of inspiration: Mona Lisa on the beach

The starting point for this look is not only the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Tagayashi goes a step further. She imagined Mona Lisa on the beach, bathed by warm, soft light. It could be said to be a combination of Mona Lisa and ‘Leda and the Swan”, an ancient Greek legend that pictures a lady, Leda, with a swan (see photo 11 ).


In this makeup look, where the sole intention is to sculpt the face, Tagayashi tried to imitate Mona Lisa’s face shape as closely as she could. Shapes, light and shade take precedence to the colors used. The skin is to be light and matte and if you look closely you’ll see that the eye makeup causes the bone structure of the models to resemble that of Mona Lisa (with all due respect, the eyes are a little pendant). Although color is not the major focus of this look, some color is used, namely pink and orange hues to recreate the sensation of Mona Lisa on the beach, as visualised by Tagayashi.

To imitate the bone structure of Mona Lisa, Tagayashi combed up the eyebrows of the models and camouflaged them (just a shade darker than your usual skin color). To keep the hair in place, the MAC team used a Pritt stick (yes, the stick that you used in school), some models looked a bit flustered. Feel free to skip this step 🙂 Read more below.

How to … How to create the “Mona Lisa on the beach’-makeup look.

Step 1: Apply a moisturizing but non-greasy cream on your skin (this should always be first step if you are formatting your face). Massage the cream into the skin


Step 2: Comb your brows up with an eyebrow brush and hold it in place with the Pritt stick. Repeat this process until the eyebrow hair is tight and all combed (see photo 1)


Step 3: Camouflage the eyebrows with a camouflage stick (with orange undertones)


Step 4: Apply white loose powder (Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder MAC) so that the eyebrows become almost invisible. Press the powder onto the skin and between the hairs (see picture 2)


Step 5: Choose a coverage foundation that is suitable for your skin type in terms of color and texture. Remember to also apply the foundation to your neck and ears.


Step 6: Camouflage any imperfections of your skin with a creamy product and also retouch the skin under your eyes (see picture 3)


Step 7: Dab a somewhat dark, liquid foundation with a soft sheen (here Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation MAC) on your cheekbones and spread the foundation in diagonal lines across your cheekbones to achieve face depth (see picture 4)


Step 8: Spread a lot of light powder (using freehand motion) over your face (here Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder MAC)


Step 9: Apply a beige primer on the eyelids and in the inner corners of the eyes (see photo 5)


Step 10: Draw an oblique line under your brow bone with matte light brown eyeshadow. Start the line high on the inner end on your brow and gently slope downwards towards the outer end (see picture 6 )


Step 11: Using a white eyeshadow, paint the region of your eyelids just below the diagonal line(see photo 7)


Step 12: Use a beige eye pencil to draw a line on your lower eyelid (Chroma Graphic Pencil NC15/NW20 MAC)


Step 13: Draw a line on your eyelids with a light brown eye pencil and blur the line with a makeup brush (see photo 8)


Step 14: Dab the area under your brow bone and also the eyebrows with orange or pinkish orange blush (Mineralize Blush MAC)


Step 15: Apply pink eye shadow on the outer corners of your eyelids and spread it about halfway through the moving parts (see photo 9)


Step 16: Using, a big brush gently dab (with freehand motion) a little pinkish powder (Gentle Mineralize Blush MAC) on both your cheeks.

Step 17:  For the final layer, use light loose powder (here Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder MAC) to achieve a matte texture.


Step 18: Use beige pink lipstick on your lips (a mix of five MAC lipstick colors in beige, pink and soft peach tones) (see photo 10)

mona lisa on the beach make up

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