Increase Motivation to lose weight

motivation to lose weight

How to keep motivation to lose weight

In order to increase the level of your motivation to lose weight you should follow up these guidelines and above all the most important tip would be to learn how to love your body.

Calorie counting, no bread or pasta, no soft drinks, no sweets, biscuits or chocolate! You will feel guilty if you slip up or do not exercise enough and you weigh in every morning hoping to have lost weight. How sabotaging!

You lose some weight for a week, maybe even two full weeks. The needle of the scale move more slowly down than you had hoped, and in the meantime you plan how you eat most of the day. Each meal has become an important moment. Planning a diet and sticking to it takes a lot of time, but if you obsess you might sabotage your own efforts. This can control your whole life if you let it. If you slip up even once you beat yourself up and feel so guilty that you fall off the wagon and just continue to eat unhealthy foods the rest of the day. Then you say you will do better tomorrow. Ah, a vicious cycle!

If you’re worried about your line and are frantically trying to lose weight, there is a danger that you fall into this pattern. Your line and your weight will control your life. You have the idea that if you have meals “under control”, you have everything under control (even though it is not so!). And then there comes a time when you do not keep it up and then flies everything again.Actually you do not reach them than the so-called ‘jojo’ effect.

But it can be very different.Without thousand diet rules and without guilt. The most healthy but ultimately effective way: eat what you feel like, but in moderation. Something that really applies to everything in life. Eat healthy, do not skip meals, bring variety in your meals and create normal servings on. Take your time to cook, concentrate on your meal and enjoy every bite. Do not overdo it with candy or sweet, but do not feel guilty if you go out with a flavor cake or ice consumes large coupe.

Sport three times a week, if you feel like it, and take the stairs more often or bicycle.Weigh yourself no more than once a week at a set time. It makes no sense for you to weigh because your weight is constantly subject to change every day. Because you frequently weigh you get the wrong idea and involves direct you too focused on your line.

Love your body and love yourself. Step away from the guilt and eat healthy and taste. You will see that after some time reached a good weight (and keep) but also that much better about yourself. It is worth a try!

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