Naughty Tips for Colorful Love Life


naughty tips for loveSeduce the man of your dreams. Turn aside your shyness and arm yourself with sensuality. We will give you a few ideas for sexy passionate nights, but perhaps you know there is much more:

If you spend the night with him or if he gets up later than you, hide some super sexy pantyhose – or even better, one of your most erotic pairs of panties – under his pillow. It will be an exciting awakening for him and he will be pleased to think back directly to the passionate night that you have spent together.

Prepare for your loved one, sensual, spicy and exotic dishes. Be generous with chili peppers, a highly erotic ingredient that cannot miss. Do not forget to surprise him with some aphrodisiac foods like oysters and champagne in a tiny negligée that leaves nothing to the imagination.

If he tells you for the umpteenth time that he has to work do not get angry, but for once whisper to him: “I’ll wait for you in bed wearing nothing but a few drops of perfume.”

Tell him one morning that it is very difficult to stand up, and then spend the day together in bed.

If you really want to be naughty, invite him to dinner and dress for the occasion in a super sexy dress or skirt without panties! Then later whisper it softly in his ear when you are in a dark corner of the restaurant. He will be extremely excited.

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