Party Makeup for Summer


Do you have plans for a summer barbeque, a wild party or a rock festival? We have three exciting party makeup styles in store for you.


The looks are from Dsquared2’s summer 2012 fashion show. Designers Dean and Dan Caten had done everything they could in order to ensure that the spirit of the festival permeates through the girls and rock chicks on the catwalk.  The spirit was evident in both the collection and the makeup. We want to know more!

Behind the scenes, Trendy Style interviewed Dsquared2’s top makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury. Tilbury explained that the twin designers Dean and Dan have chosen three makeup looks for this show, three party looks that you might encounter at a rock festival. These are the looks that Tilbury created.

Party Makeup 1: hippie chick look

Party Makeup  hippie chick look

The first look is based on the hippie style. For this look, use a natural looking foundation with a soft glow to make your skin smooth and beautiful. Use the blush to put a golden glow on your face. Tilbury created a glossy effect on the bridge of the nose that is particularly striking. You can replicate this effect with a highlighter. For your eyes, applying a little brown cream eyeshadow to the moving parts of your upper eyelid would suffice.


Party Makeup 2: rock chick

Party Makeup  Rock Chick look
The second look is inspired by none other than the rock chick Kate Moss. The basis for this look is fresh and beautiful skin. Use light foundation if you have prominent freckles. The focus in this makeup look is your eyes. Outline them thickly with black kohl pencil, then apply a mix of blue, black and silvery cream eyeshadow to the eyelids. And use a lot of lip gloss so you get a real rock look.


Party Makeup 3: Rock star look

Party Makeup  ROCKSTAR look

For the third look, we leap from the audience to the stage. Now we are the star! This look is inspired by performers, particularly David Bowie. The most important makeup product for this look is glitter and the basis for the eyes is a black eyeshadow. Scatter silver and gold glitter on your eyes, let it fall thickly on both your upper and lower eyelids and leak to your cheeks. “It’s a glam rock look,” says Charlotte Tilbury, “but with fresh and innocent skin.”


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