5 tips to achieve the perfect hair color

How to find the correct hair color


What color is best to cover gray hair? And it is good to lighten the hair, if it is worn? Get expert tips for optimal hair dyeing

 We have done so for generations, indeed for millennia and result: dyed our hair. There were 2 fixed purposes: to be beautiful, and to express our personality. But it can be a bit of an art to color the hair so that the color looks natural and healthy hair out. Christophe Robin, as a hairdresser and advisory expert for L’Oreal’s trend research, gives here his top tips for the best and most natural coloring of hair.

1. Choose a color that is one or two tones lighter than you think you need. We all think that we are darker than what we are in real and mostly we think we don’t need any professional help for the choice. This usually doesnt bring  us the best results complying with our skin.

2. Be honest about your hair condition. If you have dry and brittle hair, do not try to lighten it. You’d rather be honey colored with beautiful soft hair than blonde with dry and crunchy hair. Choose a color and a brand that usually fits your hair’s physical requirements, think twice if your hair needs moisture and care.

3. You are getting the benefits of chemistry but dont forget and dont expect it to be as useful as natural products. Today we carry out as good products and although we use some chemical substances there is nothing to be nervous about. We can put a lot of care substances, and while we can guarantee that your hair color is the same as the latest one, this can not be the same with using all-natural ingredients.

4. If you want to cover gray hair, think about using much lighter shades than usual. Caramel, honey and butter added colors do not cover the gray hair, but gives them glow and a bit of more color. It’s very beautiful up your skin and ensures that you do not look older than you are.

5. Do not feel obligated to use the whole package. Touch-ups and stripes are often much more natural than complete work. You can reseal the products and re-use them regularly.

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