How to Pose Like a Model


How to pose for a (professional) photographer? A great question we received via email within this week and we would like to give important tips for potential models to be in this section.

What  to do for optimizing  your posture in the picture?

how-to-pose-like-a-modelIn my life I have done many photo shoots and worked on many shoots and over again I know that the most difficult time to be is the first photo shooting. If the make-up and hair are done and you’re dressed for the picture, then comes the moment when you have to make yourself ready. And many models – whether they are beginners or experienced – are very stressed at this very moment. It also happens that models ‘collapse’ during the shoot because they do not know what poses they should adopt or because the tension she felt for days before the shooting suddenly falls away from them. We have made a list of recommendations that can help to optimize the picture and to prevent stress.

  1.  Trust yourself. You’re the best and you can do it!

This advice applies to everything in life, of course, but it is especially important for photo shoots. Do not compare yourself with others, but simply give the best of yourself.

  1.  Be yourself and try to feel at ease

The photographer is not expected you to step up a show or star quality show (rather they don’t say!). Be yourself and try to feel comfortable. Do not worry if you feel nervous or shaky in the beginning. That’s all! You should always come in the studio and get to know the way of working of the photographer. Allow yourself this time.

  1.  Don’t draw attention to flaws

During the shoot hold comments about pimples, scars and love handles. If you want to confide in someone, then the makeup artist is the right person. The photographer will do everything to put you in the picture as beautiful as possible, and has nothing to do with the comments that will get you down.

  1. Study no poses

The best pictures are the ones where you are spontaneous. Therefore don’t study poses (you do not know what the photographer wants) but trust on your own abilities during the photo shoot and in the collaboration of the photographer. The idea is that you build up the picture.

  1.  Move controls

Once you’re on camera, you do not really go from one pose to another. Assume an initial pose, and then change your attitude a little bit each time after the click of the camera. Usually the photographer will further help you with directions as “head tilted a little more”,” look down” or “a little laugh like! “. During shooting listen carefully to the comments and remember that this is not a commentary or criticism, but that these observations which are part of the collaboration between the photographer and model.

  1.  Let yourself go and give your body shape

One of the hardest things for a photographer is shooting a brake model. Set boundaries in advance (this is very important during the shoot for keeping your stripes) but let yourself go between the agreed limits (this is only if you trust the photographer – you have to judge yourself). Try to give your face an expression and do not wonder how the pose looks (it’s always different in the picture). Play with your arms and especially with legs. If you’re nervous, you tend to get your arms around your body and close your legs, but in the picture this does look like a ‘block’. Consciously give your body shape.

  1.  Relax your face and body muscles

During the shoot you may also tighten your facial muscles and can sometimes tighten your body -even the poses- and get cramped. Try to relax your muscles. Sometimes it can help just to stand out a pose and to sit or lie down. Awareness again is necessary.

  1.  Let your eyes shine

Do not forget to give expression to your face during the shoot. Let your eyes shine when you laugh and do not be afraid to look sultry and ask how the pictures are in the camera. To laugh as spontaneously as possible otherwise you may look bad! Laugh out loud, say something funny, encourage yourself and go through shooting as if everything looks right and relax as much as possible.

  1.  Do not be afraid to ask for things or indicate

Some models pose well with music, other models like to see themselves while shooting in the mirror. Give information about these things to the manager. Let it also known when you’re cold. A cup of tea with a little sugar often gives renewed energy.

       10.  What to do at home to get ready for posing like a model

If you feel more confident if you have done some preparation before the shoot, ask your mother or a girlfriend (or anyone else with whom you feel at ease) take pictures of you. So you already get used to the camera and you get to know your own face and body. The more you pose, the easier it will be.

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