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Motivation and Reasons for Losing Weight

 Often, a few days of weighing yourself goes well; one or two pounds lost. But it is difficult to maintain the results. Almost all of it is about motivation. To maintain that high level we have 10 reasons for you to try your hardest to lose weight and get healthy again:

            If you Lose Weight:

  • You feel more beautiful, seductive and sexy (your love life will be better!)
  • You feel more confident. If you feel confident, you will perform better in all areas of life including love and work
  • You do not have to envy your girlfriends. They may begin to envy you!
  • Get compliments. This will definitely motivate you and make your day
  • Your health will benefit from it, especially if you are very overweight
  • You will have better strength and stamina and feel better overall
  • You can finally buy a size smaller and that gives satisfaction
  • You can buy clothing from stores you had only dreamt you could before
  • Receiving admiration from friends and strangers. It may sound strange but it is true! Many times, envy also brings respect because looking good can be a lot of hard work, and others may wish they could be like you. Be a positive role model, and never gloat
  • You simply look good in your clothing, and out of them.
  • An Important Tip for Motivation for Losing Weight Fast and Haelthy: Hang this list in the kitchen and add your personal reasons for losing weight (which may include a photo of you when you were thin or overweight, either way). Keep your motivation high!


And Dont Forget to :


Drink at least one and a half liters of water per day. In every manual, lose weight article and diet books, comes this advice invariably. We know it and yet never do it.

That the water is good for your body, without any doubt. And that it has a positive effect on your beauty, we are also have agreed on this. Water is good for your skin, it helps with the removal of waste (thereby also helps against cellulite) and is an effective remedy for appetite. You could say that drinking water helps you to indirectly stick to your diet.


A research study done in America has shown that people who replace 2 sugar carbonated drinks or fruit juices with water a day will lose up to 2 pounds per year. This is probably slightly underestimated, and it may be more like 10-15 pounds a year

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