How to recognize a master seducer


how to recognize master seducerThere are men – fortunately not all men – who try to seduce any woman that crosses his path to get her into bed with him. These men usually have a high score card too, which is unappealing and a major turn off.

We have seen this type of men at work. They do this purely for the adrenaline rush and to put another notch in their headboard. The more girls, the more beautiful they are, the better he feels about himself. He does not seem to have much respect for women and sees them as trophies to admire. This is not a nice experience as a woman if you end up with such a Don Giovanni in bed, unless you are fully aware that you are simply a piece of meat to him.

  • But how do you recognize such a womanizer? What are his tricks? We have no monopoly on wisdom, but have some women who have been through this experience and know the signs. Here are some tricks on how to recognize this game:
  •  Getting you drunk. 
  • There are men who always order the same drink for women, who know exactly what women like in general good and what makes them get drunk the quickest. This is the most common trick used.


  •  An over the top compliment.

It is known that women love compliments, especially from a sexy man. But there are men who have mastered the technique of giving compliments, but have an ulterior motive. They do not stick with simple phrases like “You look beautiful”. Rather, they continue complimenting you on everything, your hair, your earrings, your dress and your nail color. It is completely over the top yet sometimes a man is so good at it that you don’t even notice his game.
 He shows a keen interest in womanly things.

  • Many professional male seducers know from experience what topics appeal to women, With a master seducer, you are likely to have the most animated conversations about relationships, feelings, emotions, books, movies, music and even clothing. They seem to know a surprising amount of specific things women like. Before you know it you are hanging onto his every word and he knows he’s got you in his pocket.


  •  Supposedly accidental physical contact.

A master seducer will sometimes briefly touch you physically to see whether you are open to it or not. He will put his hand on your arm playfully or even ask the smell the perfume at your wrist. Often his lips will brush your ears when he talks to you, claiming the music is so loud he wants to make sure you can hear him. Sometimes he will even go so far as to put his hand on your back to see how you respond; these men test the waters as far as they will go to achieve a goal.

  • An analysis of your appearance.

The master seducer wants to sound intelligent and flatter you by saying something about how you come across at first glance (“you seemed distant at first but now I see you are open and fun and spontaneous”), or he comments on how others react to you when you enter the room (“I saw everyone’s eyes on you”). Any woman is interested in her first impression.

Do you know a master seducer, or have you experienced his flattery? We are sure there are a lot of you who have experienced this and we would like to know how you responded to it and if you had a good time. Mail us your response. The most interesting experiences will be published below.
And for those men who read Trendy Style, you are correct. Not all men are seducers, nor do they want to be, and there are women who can be considered master seducers as well. We apologize if any offense was received.

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