Best Seduction Techniques

Best Seduction TechniquesJust the word conjures up all sorts of reactions: “What, what? Could you tell us more about it?” Every woman concentrates her ears when it comes to seduction techniques, not because she is shy or because she does not know how to approach the topic, but simply because she finds it interesting and hopes she will learn something new to try on her man.

Every woman has her own personal recipe, her own techniques and strategies (to have no strategy can be a strategy). And do not tell me it’s not true, because no one will believe you. Seduction is an art that Mother Nature has given to each of us. Some simply use their powers a bit better than others, or are more in control than others, et cetera. Some women simply have more experience on the subject. This also means that you can practice like an exercise and get better each time.


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Location: A party, bar or nightclub where your friends of the night are hanging out.

Step 2: Treat him to a radiant smile.
Step 1: You capture his eye with a sultry look.
Eyes can speak volumes. A sultry look or a shy look can catch his eyes but then look away quickly. This is a highly effective seduction technique that we too often forget (or might not apply in trepidation). This is a lot like fishing: toss your line into the water to see if he bites, but keep baiting the hook with different treats until he bites.

You’ve caught his attention and he comes to you to exchange a few words with you. You should receive him with a radiant smile making him feel right at ease. Then you can watch how he behaves from that point on.

Step 3: Listen to him, let him talk, stroke his ego.

Now that he has started talking, let him speak. Men love to hear themselves. Look deep into his eyes and occasionally affirm that you are paying attention and smile when he cracks a joke or says something sarcastic. Give him the idea that you only have eyes for him. There is no more effective seduction technique than to stroke his ego. Men are like big children, after all, and love to know how powerful they are.

Step 4: Time for a break.

In a long conversation or monologue, you may need to get away for a breath of fresh air for a few moments. Tell him you’ll be right back, go order a drink or exchange a few words with a friend nearby. Be sure to sneak peeks at him out of the corner of your eyes to see if he is watching you. If so, you have almost got him to where you want him.

Step 5: Resume the conversation and give him all the attention again.

Let him know that he has won your attention and that you are back simply to talk to him. He will be grateful and happy that you have returned when you said you would.
The rest of the evening, you have but to fill yourself.

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