Small or large breasts?

Small or large breastsA good friend of mine insists that he loves small breasts. Honestly, I have difficulty in believing him but he swears he prefers them to be small. I can’t imagine that he would ignore some lush, big breasts, though. He really insists that he prefers them to be small. Another friend thinks that size does not matter as long as they are beautiful.

The small or large preference remains a hot topic. If you ask four different men what breast type they like best, you will get four different answers, each with reflection and thoughtful reasoning. But for the most part, the criterion is they must be beautiful, whether they are big, small, real or fake it does not matter. As long as they are delicious looking.

But what is it really all about? If most men simply love breasts and don’t particularly care what size or shape they are, why does it matter so much? It does not matter to women nearly as much as it matters to men, it seems, but who should be the ones who really care? Women, obviously, as it is a part of their body. Are breasts so appealing because they are shoved in our faces by the media? You would think the opposite, as sexuality is not taboo anymore like it used to be and anything forbidden is always more exciting.Another question is whether or not the owner of said breasts is happy or not. How many women with small, perky breasts are happy, or how many of them would like them to be larger? How many big breasted women wish theirs were smaller and perkier, shapelier? Not to mention that larger breasts typically give women back pains and would like to reduce the size anyway; some may even like them larger.

We are not curious about the opinions of men right now, as we already know them, but in the women readers’ opinions, whether you have small, large, real or fake breasts, how do you feel about them? Are you happy with what you have or would you like some sort of augmentation or reduction? Have you already had a procedure done? Send us your comments using the box below.

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