Smokey Eyes Make-up for Parties! Do it Yourself

tips for smokey eyes makeup

Smokey Eyes Make-up lesson: Step by step


The perfect party eyes for dancing the night away in a glamorous Ibiza nightclub in Ibiza or under the stars on a beach, you can do it too. The smoky eyes with glitter is a look that is irresistibly sexy and fairly easy to imitate.


Step by step instructions for creating smoky eyes

Step 1: Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. See picture 1


Step 2: Camouflage pimples and spots with a camouflage product. Use a concealer under the eyes (MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter is used here). See photo 2


Step 3: Draw a line with a black eye pencil (MAC Eye Kohl – Smolder – used here). See photo 3


Step 4: Now draw a line along the upper lashes. The line does not have to be perfect because you are going to fade it afterwards. The kohl must be properly drawn between the lashes. See picture 4


Step 5: Extend the upper and lower lines on each eye towards the inner and outer corner. See photo 5


Step 6: Apply some eyeliner under the eye (close to the lashes). See photo 6


Step 7: Blur the kohl under the eye with a pointed-tip brush (MAC Pencil Brush 219 used here). See photo 7


Step 8: Using a brush, brush the corners of the eyeshadow further outwards, till it points slightly upwards. See picture 8


Step 9: The eye is now outlined with black. Squeeze your eyes shut so that the kohl is spread evenly. Dab night blue cream eyeshadow under the eye with a fine brush. There needs only be a little bit. Do not make a real line but mix the eyeshadow with the black kohl. Apply a little of the blue eyeshadow on the upper eyelid (close to the lashes).  See photo 9


Step 10: Apply eyeshadow under the brow bone using a shader brush (MAC 214 Short Shader Brush)

Use black kohl pencil, but do not place it directly on your skin. Draw a thick line on your hand and blot the brush on it. See photo 10


Step 11: Leave the center portion of the eyelid unmade. It doesn’t matter what colour this region is as the black kohl will spread to this area. See photo 11


Step 12: For this look, James Molloy made an exception and used mascara. Apply the mascara in layers so that your lashes appear spidery.” See photo 12


Step 13: Apply the mascara to the lower lashes. See photo 13


Step 14: Now it’s time to bring on the glitter. Mix some silver glitter with some vaseline. See picture 14


Step 15: Dab glitter under the eye with a flat makeup brush (especially in the middle). See photo 15


Step 16: Keep the eyebrows natural. Comb them into shape and outline the brow with an eyebrow pencil that is close in colour to the natural colour of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows don’t have to look perfect. You have danced all night, remember? See picture 16


We hope that you enjoy the warm summer nights with sparkling and seductive eyes!



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