Special Effects makeup with a bright color accent

Graphic (Special Effects) Makeup

Graphic (Special Effects)Makeup with a bright graphic element and ‘near perfect’ skin is easy to achieve. With bright colors on the eyes and the brows, this look is perfect for a party, but why not use it during the day as well?

Graphic eyebrows. Perfect skin. The inspiration

Backstage at ETW. Vonneguet’s winter 2012 / 2013 fashion show in Tokyo, we saw a very striking makeup look. “The inspiration for this look is a futuristic tribe,” says James Molloy, Director for MAC Asia. “In the show, both girls and boys walk together as a family, exuding an elitist air that is almost threatening.

I used the colors from the collection: royal blue, turquoise and purple as the basis for this look, drawing graphic brows with these colours. The skin is designed to look almost plastic. It is a futuristic look reinforced by the headpieces that resembles cocoons. To this effect, there are also the brightly colored eyebrows. Read more below.

How do you imitate the plastic-like texture?

One of the up-and-coming makeup trends is perfect and hydrated skin, James Molloy explains how to create the “Plastic look.” “The secret to perfectly formatted skin is very simple: use your bare hands and apply the foundation in layers. We used liquid foundation for the ETW. Vonneguet show.”


Focus on a region in your face

The makeup becomes very modern when you combine perfect skin and bright colors on a specific region of your face. Colored eyebrows are good for shows, but not for work.However, you can use brightly colored eyeliners to draw attention to your eyes. “Jewel shades like blue, purple and green are really quite nice for the summer, “Molloy says.


How to create this look?

Step 1: Choose a liquid foundation that suits your skin color and pour a generous amount on the palms of your hand. Massage the foundation into your skin with both your hands. Apply layer by layer.


Step 2: Camouflage imperfections with a liquid product. Apply the product to your nose, the T-zone, the region under your eyes and your eyelids using a brush.


Step 3: For an extra beautiful skin, highlight your Nose Bridge and cheekbones (MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter).


Step 4: With a fine makeup brush, paint your brow with bright colors. For a more wearable look, draw a line along your upper lashes.


Step 5: Colour your lower eyelid with a light eye pencil (MAC NC15/NW20).

Step 6: Use colorless lip balm on your lips


Check out the pictures. You’ll get a better idea of the way you can recreate this look

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