Spring and Summer 2014 Hair Colors


Color expert Marriët Gakes talks to us about the spring and summer 2014 hair colors. Last week Marriët told us a color trend for spring that is right for everyone: this year we will all go just a bit lighter. In this interview, Marriët explains this trend that is perfect for all those powerful ladies who want to make a style statement. This is a color trend that finishes off bold styles or elements of your hairstyle of which you are particularly proud.

Colour Focus: Accentuate that Part of Her that You Love!

The Colour Focus trend is all about that special element in your hairstyle. That could be nice full bangs or a very sharp bob that you want to highlight to better bring out better the bottom. See how beautifully that cut is clipped? It can also be an asymmetric look that you find interesting, so this color trend accentuates what is special about your hair.

How does it work in practice?

Let me take as an example long hair with a beautiful ponytail. Suppose you have a nice brown color in your hair. Make sure this shade of brown is slightly lighter as you go into the ponytail. This way, you get a kind of highlight effect and the focus will be on your ponytail, right where you want it to be.


For whom is this color trend appropriate?

Not everyone has a style statement, but if you have something special about your hair, or there is something that you want to highlight, then this color trend is for you. It is a very nice addition to your hair look. You emphasize that part of her that you love.

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