How to Wear Stockings/Stay-Ups

Stay-Up/Stockings (stay ups, hold up tights – however you call them) are back in fashion. And even if you do not see that you’re wearing them, they’re exciting, and sexy. Intriguing and seductive while you are undressing… And the danger of sagging might make them even more attractive. Or not?

Stay-Ups hold ups

Here are our tips how to wear stockings/Stay-Ups:

No body lotion

Insider tip: do not apply body lotion or cream on your feet when you wear stay-ups. Using lotion or cream beforehand causes the stockings to sink down.
 A wide silicone band

Buy stockings with the widest silicone band (it is this band that ensures that the tights sit to your thighs).
 Good measure

Go for the right size. The shoe is an indication, but not decisive. It is particularly important that the silicone band around your thigh is not too wide (and not too tight) and it should fall on your thigh in the right place.
 The stocking dealer

Buy stay-ups preferably from a stocking dealer. Ask if you can try them (usually there is a display model at hand) and ask for professional advice from the sellers.

 Test run home
Wear Stay-ups at home to see if they look nice indeed. Then venture until the step to wear them on a night out (or maybe a day at your work).
 Go for quality

Go for the better brands. The one hold-up stocking is not the other. Go for quality. As a rule, these stockings stay put better.

Calculate bad buys in

Calculate a single failure in. Which stockings are perfect for you is a personal matter and it will also depend on the shape of your legs. You might just have to look around before you find the perfect stay-ups. Never buy more than one pair at a time and figure out any bad buy.
 Wash socks in cold water

Wash stockings in lukewarm or cold water (not hot water because the silicone band loses power).
 Emergency Measure

If your stockings sag in public you can try this emergency measure: moisten silicone band (on the inside of course) with a little water. Therefore the tape would stick better.
 Garters and suspenders

Last but not least, if your stockings sag when you sit, you can always go safe with garters (you know from the bride!) or suspenders (the more straps, the better the stockings stay put). Incidentally (and that’s not known much) wear your panties over the suspenders. They remain better while sitting and moreover you do not have to disconnect everything in the toilet.

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