Style/Fashion tips for women


Unexpected combinations, bold accessories, an unusual way to wear a garment. The fashion crowd interprets the trends seen on the catwalks and in fashion magazines.And we … go with the imaginative ideas of these inveterate fashionistas started. Here are 16 style ideas to take over or to – interpret – your turn .

    1. Combine horizontal stripes with dots.
    2. For sneakers with wedge heels. They are super trendy, comfortable and make you long.
    3. Over-accesorize. Go for trendy gloves, striking phone cover, bracelets.
    4. Wear a leather belt with a blazer.
    5. Go for this winter floral prints!
    6. Steal the show with mouths. Everything in the form of mouths (and eyes – ! Kenzo ) is trendy.
    7. Choose an ultra-chic bra that may be under your low cut evening dress seen.
    8. Update your look with a flared mini skirt, must-have this season.
    9. Wear striped stockings (with polka dots!).
    10. Combine a thick jacket with a bit bare belly (so sexy!).
    11. Go for bold accessories (and gray nail polish).
    12. Wear socks in your (pointed) pumps.
    13. Wear your sweater only forward into your skirt.
    14. Add extra flair to your look to a big hat.
    15. Wear your headphones as a necklace around your neck (especially als’ie of Chanel).
    16. Combine a strapless dress with a turtleneck. See the photo gallery!


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