Fancy a quick update of your makeup toolbox? Red lipstick goes a long way. Backstage at Byblos’ show, makeup artist Clio Maybelline gave models a sultry look with a sexy accent on the lips. It is definitely a look to imitate.

 1.  Perfect skin

This makeup look is based on perfect-looking skin. Give your skin a glow with Luminizer. This is a light-reflecting skin product that gives your skin a nice shine and makes imperfections less visible. Use a little bronzing powder to outline the face, giving it more depth. Apply some of the product on your cheekbones and on either side of your forehead.


For this look you do not use a matte powder as it offsets the radiant effect.


  1.  Curl your eyelashes

For this show Clio skips mascara (read more about “Make-up trend: is mascara out of fashion? “). Because drooping lashes appear sad and hurt, Clio has the eyelashes of the models curled up.

Mascara is still indispensable for Clio’s daily life. She therefore recommends that this look be recreated at home by giving the lashes more volume and mascara but not the eyes. No shadow but lots of mascara.

Red lips!

The focus of this look not the eyes, but the lips. Last year we saw a lot of plum red lipstick. This season, the cosmetic houses stocked up on beautifully paired of red and wine-red color casts. The shades are not only for the catwalk, but also for everyday life.

So for this look, choose purple, wine red or plum red lipstick. The trick is to use a highly opaque lipstick, not applied thickly, but just enough to give the mouth a deep red hue. Therefore, dab your lips with tissue paper after applying lipstick so that the effect is not too harsh. Isn’t it easy?

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