Summer Diets


Is there such a thing as  summer diets? Are  there kind of  diets that help you get ready for the beach quickly before summer?

The quicker the summer approaches, the more these questions are necessary. Let us help you realize that there is no miracle diet. There is no magic pill or exercise, just hard work and dedication to the cause. However you can implement these tricks to help prepare for the impending summer season.

1. Smaller portions

Look at how much you actually eat. Go for smaller portions by using a smaller plate, especially where the fat, salty or sweet foods are concerned.

2. Eat summer fruit

Fruit contains a lot of water and is very useful in keeping hunger and cravings at bay. Summer offers a bounty of fresh and delicious fruits to choose from. Fruits contain antioxidants as well as moisture and offer the benefit of added protection against free radicals and the aging effects of the sun. Along with this, fruit has fiber which makes you feel fuller faster and for longer, which is quite useful when dieting.

3. Vegetables for Summer Diets
The summer and spring also provide fresh crunchy vegetables that are satisfying. Make salads, lightly cook fresh vegetables or grill them. Avoid using heavy sauces and opt instead for a light lemon vinaigrette for dipping. Eat plenty of vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes and onions.

4. Provide variety
Variety is still the key to eating health. Be creative and think before you go to the grocery store. Imagine your fruits and vegetables as a rainbow and attempt to eat from every color. Each color tends to have its own set of vitamins and nutrients. Be sure to add in healthy fats like olive oil and nuts to maintain satiety.

5. Include beta-carotene to Summer Diets

Beta-carotene is good for our eyes and overall health benefits along with being a natural skin protectant. Beta-carotene promotes the production of melanin, which gives our skin that beautiful tan in the summer while protecting from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

6. Physical exercise
Sensible eating of smaller portions remains the key if you want to lose weight, but exercise is just as important. Take advantage of the nice weather for walking, cycling, or make an extra detour to wherever you are headed. Get up a little earlier and take a refreshing walk, which is good for body and mind.

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