Summer Love

41% of women say having sex with a stranger does not matter

summer loveSummer loves are popular. 41% of women say that having sex with a stranger does not matter. The main reason for a summer fling is feeling sexy, another common drive is the sex itself.

Summer, good weather, a relaxed feeling, all worries are gone. We want to feel light, relaxed and sexy. No wonder most love adventures take place in the summer. Butterflies in your stomach, amorous feelings, complete surrender. For singles, it is the time for love but would still sometimes indulge in physical pleasure with a stranger.

From the research that we did over the last few weeks here at Trendy Style, we found that 41% of women do not mind having a summer fling with a complete stranger. 15% of 2214 say that their flings happen during the holidays, and 5% of them already have a relationship.

The main reason for a summer love is to feel more sexy in summer

In another management survey with 456 participants, we found that most women, 38% do it simply to feel sexy. 21% is for the actual sex, 16% are looking for new experiences and 9% feel younger. 11% would opt for a summer adventure to counterbalance their own relationship, namely, to break the routine (and perhaps reignite the passion). Only 4% opt for sex with a stranger to punish her partner.

35% is faithful to their partner, 24% find it ‘not my style’

59% of the 2214 participants indicate that they do not have summer flings. 35% say it is because they have a relationship and are faithful to their partner, 24% are single but says that a summer fling is “not my style”.

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