The most famous aphrodisiacs

The most famous aphrodisiacsWork, internet, friends… In the evening you come home exhausted and then he just naturally wants to get into bed with you. Every woman knows this situation and is not surprised for it but that does not make it any easier to not get irritated. It is also not surprising that mankind has been searching for different aphrodisiacs, the agents in food and drink that make you feel amorous and sexy.

The most famous aphrodisiacs are oysters, spices and chocolate. Although their erotic effect is not proven, there’s still some truth in it. All these foods contain substances that do indeed positively affect mood and stimulate blood circulation.

Furthermore, in the list of aphrodisiacs are alcoholic beverages. It’s true, alcohol takes away our inhibitions, makes us feel freer and just like oysters and chocolate, alcohol stimulates blood circulation. But sexologists warn that excessive use of alcohol may have precisely the opposite effect.

The euphoria that alcohol initially induces may disappear after a while. For men it is difficult to maintain an erection and the woman reaches orgasm less. Furthermore, alcohol can reduce the intensity of orgasm.

So if you want to spend an erotic evening (and an erotic night) with your boyfriend or partner, serve him a dinner based on oysters and sprinkle the remaining dishes liberally with herbs, drink a good glass of wine, (or better yet champagne) but in moderation, and close the dinner with a chocolate dessert.

Do not forget to put on a sultry CD and light some candles to add to the atmosphere.

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