A new trend in love: the profile of the ‘serial dater’

THE SERIAL DATERIf having a man is already fantastic, imagine then how it will be to have many!

A lot is said and written about the concept of family and about monogamy. The concept of being single is also often discussed. In that case, the tone is usually pity laced with compassion and with the hope that the poor single person will find and establish a family. But what we hear very little about, is about singles who not only live their life to their liking, but can also can boast of a long list of dates without ever feeling the need to back to being in an exclusive relationship. The phenomenon is not new, but is gaining more popularity and is often referred to as “serial dating”.

Let us tell you the story of Marjan, a 28 year old clothing department manager.

“When I broke up with my boyfriend, I was surprised to feel so relieved. I suddenly felt free and had no sense of an exclusive relationship. At this point in time I am dating about seven men and it is always fun. As a matter of fact I have never had so much fun! Some are old flames and others are new people that I am still getting to know; I’ve also met people from on the internet. Meanwhile I am very welcome to new contacts. I pay close attention to all of them now after learning early on that I was quite naïve. Now I know exactly what to look out for and have had no problems recently. All my dates know I see other men and they do not have problems with it at all. I never have to feel lonely. If I want to see someone, I see them. If I would rather be alone or go with a friend, I do that. One phone call and everything is settled; I always find someone to be with. And the sex? Better than ever!”

Marjan can safely be placed under the category of “serial dater”. The same applies to Katja who is a 23 year old student. She writes, “Actually, I’ve never had a real relationships, only short flames. At the moment I am seeing two guys but am always looking. I love short and intense flings. I look good and am really not shy around men. Often times, the only problem I have is that the guys I go out with do not understand that I want nothing. Who says men are playboys? The men I know would actually rather have an exclusive from the very first date, but not me!”

We have received several emails on this subject which is a sign that the “serial dating” phenomenon is experiencing growth in today’s world. It almost seems that the roles between men and women are reversing, that men are increasingly looking for stability and a lasting relationship and that a lot of women love the taste of freedom without obligations.

We did some research and compiled a profile of a typical serial dater. Perhaps you will fall into this category!
Age: 22-32 years

The profile of a typical ‘serial dater’

  • Education: higher education, university
  • Physical characteristics: attractive, at least assured and happy with her ​​looks
  • Experiences in love: several (sometimes many), usually ending in deep disappointment
  • Social life: very intense. Many friends to whom she can pour her heart out to
  • Salary (if the training is completed): mostly above the middle class
  • Hobbies: men gathering

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