There is no love to last forever

love doesnt last foreverWhy love doesnt last forever

Head in the clouds, pink glasses on your nose, butterflies in your stomach. Being in love is one of the most wonderful things that can happen in life. Unfortunately, love does not always last forever.


Infatuation: a magical state of mind

Love is a magical state of mind. It is a phase in which the emotions prevail and the heart is beyond the mind. We react spontaneously and act as our heart tells us. It is also a time in which you can lose control of yourself and your good judgment and willpower which decreases considerably.


An idealized partner

During the infatuation stage your partner is the best, strongest and sweetest man in the world. He is, in short, perfect. But no one is perfect and that we all know. It is the love that leads us to project all our wishes to this person. We ensure that he meets the image that we have formed exactly. This is the “Prince Charming” effect, where we see only what we want to see.

Center of the world

We stand with him and go to bed with him. If we are in love, he is the center of our thoughts. He fills any void in our existence. With a single glance he makes our heart melt. Being in love is wonderful, but the coin has another side. There are always.

Love is delicious

Love is delicious and is intensely worth the effort it takes to be successful. Love makes your heart beat faster when you hear certain music or see a particular film or smell a familiar cologne. When in love, the world is full of romance and long stemmed red roses. It is a state of mind.

What happens during the infatuation stage?

Like a magnet, we are attracted to the other person. We are open to a relationship and are willing to share emotions. Ideally, we assume the other person, to become one with each other. It is a period in which we live in symbiosis with him. And we want nothing!

Everything comes to an end

Inevitably there will be an end to love. There comes a time when we are on the ground with both feet again. After the blindness of love we get our minds back and begin the exploration phase, a period in which we begin to notice differences between ourselves and him. This stage is important for the progress of the relationship. Not infrequently, this stage involves problems, and the magic is broken.

To each his own

At this stage, there is again room for personality, for our own interests and hobbies. Both partners seem to be removed to rediscover themselves. We again focus on our friends, family, our work and ourselves. Again, this is just a phase. After this we go (if it is) back to our beloved and we begin to build a life together with joint projects. At this stage we begin to accept that we have each other with all the shortcomings, good and bad qualities.

Why love cannot last forever

Even if we don’t admit it, it’s better that love does not last forever because the development of the relationship and ourselves would be in the way. Eternal love would require infinite energy from both lovers, and all energy would be focused on the loving of the other; there would be no way to function properly in our society and we would constantly have to simply “make do” with regular life. It would be an obstacle to our own personal growth and development.

Would you tell us something about your crush? How do you feel about love? Mail us your experience. The best and most interesting responses will be published below.


I am a man of 48, crushes come and go in my life but they last for at least 3 years, 3 years so really deeply in love with tingling and abdominal pain.I was at that point until I finished with a girl 8 or 9 years ago; I had gotten to know her over the internet and she was beautiful, sweet and nice but I still broke it off at some point. A year later we accidentally contacted each other by mail and a meeting was to follow, I was 42 and she was a single mother of 26. From the first moment I was sold. It was not even love at first sight, it was already in place before the meeting.
Just a few months could turn that insecure girl into an egotistical lying witch. Anyway, when I see pictures of her on her Facebook, I get the creeps again. Rationally I detest her, but beauty is deceptive.
I am still a teenager but I’m still super in love. After nearly 1.5 years, I still get the jitters every time I get the idea that he’s coming over. I think it’s changed because we have our own passions and dreams. We do not see each other as often as we want. We are going to marry soon; we are engaged but we are waiting for a few years. I feel a bond with him and can talk about anything. He is not only my friend but also my companion and the father of the children who will come. Never been so sure of anything, but I know that together we will be fine.
Hmmm … the comments above do not apply to me. In my life I have been in love once, when I was 8 years old, and the boy was 8 also. Now we are 20 and still in love. There has never been another and I doubt there will be.
After a number of relationships, I found my ideal guy. We have been together for two full years now, we moved in together quickly and could not live without each other (sounds a little silly, if I do say so myself); we were addicted to each other. I can definitely say we were in love. Some people fall out of love rather quickly, but not us. I still feel butterflies when I think of him and yearn for his body and presence. Never say never that something can come to an end because so far this love has not.
I would like to know if it is possible after a relationship of six months that had to end, if you can get together and be happy after not being together for a year?  I am still in love with him.
I heard that you can be in love, but it must last for 8 weeks at least.
I am in a relationship now and reading this article made me sad that people feel love cannot last. Everyone is different. Some people’s love can last a lifetime, while others lasts only a few days.
I am after all these years, still in love with my partner and will not ever move on.
I am in a relationship for 2 years now and can see that the relationship has deepened. I’m not in love and I think the one who still are, are lucky, because not everybody can love the same person for a very long time.
From the first day I met my partner, I fell in love. We are still together now, five years later, and we have two children. And even after five years, we have very often times when we just behave like a bunch of teenagers. Love is crazy. The infatuation I am experiencing now is just different than the love of five years ago but is just as amazing. We are crazy about each other. It’s what you make of it, I think, and a lot of patience. And then it is all good. I am now 24 years old.
A bit unfortunate that some people do not know the difference between infatuation and love. Perhaps due to lack of experience.
Thanks for saying my friend, yes it is a stage you have to go through but I clearly feel nothing for him so I’m not so happy with this product.
I think being in love is something you do to generate interest in another person. You want nothing but the other person and you get to know each other better as you’re going along with that loving feeling more slowly, yet I think love can continue. Keep doing the cool stuff with him that you did in the beginning, which is stuff your partner fell for originally.
Make sure you share the same passion for something in the world. It makes you more compatible.
I am with you friend: next month will be 1 year together and feel like the first time I saw him – butterflies in the belly and a wonderful feeling.
I believe in eternal love and hope that it is with him.
Love can last forever, but not lust.  Lust does not last forever. I recently read that a man is 110 years old and his wife is 103 years old and they still love each other now as much as they did when they met 90 years ago. Some people do not love and only want to take someone to bed.
I have been with the most wonderful man that exists since 1983. And I can say that I’m sure 90 percent of the time that I am in love with him. It might not last forever, but comes damn close.
I have a friend, and when I saw him for the first time, I was in love with him right away. We have been together for almost half a year and we are both still fond of each other and very happy.
I believe love can last forever, but its severity may change. Sometimes love strikes in all its fierceness, and sometimes it becomes weakened again somewhat. But I always feel the butterflies when I just think of him and we’ve been together almost five years. I will always love this man!
I’ve never been in love for more than half a year, that feeling of your head in the clouds and pink glasses on your nose. Yet in the beginning is always extreme infatuation.
I’m 47 years and was married for 27 years with only 2 of those years I was in love. The feeling was mutual and delicious for those 2 years.

My loving friend of 56 years does not know what hit him. We feel like a bunch of teenagers and really enjoy this feeling and all that it entails. Never thought I’d be in love again. I feel wonderful, energetic and positive. The fun of it is that my kids love him too.

I feel that passion still, and a stream of love as a gentle stream through my heart.
True love may be present for a long time. I have had a lover for 11 years and when I see him, I’m totally over the moon and I experience all the things that belong to love (the world is much better when you’re in love).

I think when my girlfriend and I were together were just infatuated but we figured it would stop and we would be in love.  I can say that love can be felt for a long time and there is no reason for love to fail.

I may be sick in love. I’ve gained 7 pounds of weight!!
As a mature man of 43 years, I felt like a teenager. I cannot believe at our age, we could feel such deep and strong feelings like we did. We were both floating on clouds and felt like we were in a daze. Then months later we both woke up with our feet back on the ground and realized we were not in love with each other anymore. Then we broke up and it hurt…he had commitment issues and was not ready for a true relationship.
Incredibly, after I read this, I’m sure… I’m in love! Everything is nice about him, he’s just perfect! I cannot even imagine that this feeling for him will ever end. It was love at first sight. I left my boyfriend for him and he has come completely to me. We want to get married.
After nearly nine years, infatuation has turned into love. Especially now that I carry his child.
I’m really in love already! Half a year!
I believe that love can indeed last forever, though I do not have much enough experience as I am 22.

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