10 clothing items for an early spring feeling

clothing tips for spring feeling

The first spring collections are in stores. Even the first swimsuits and bikinis have arrived. But temperatures remain low and winter coats, scarves and gloves for the time being should remain a must. Yet you can already make small changes in your daily look for an early spring feeling. Let yourself be inspired by the new spring fashion. Ten ideas:

  1.  Mega-bijous.

Bijous are trendy again. Lovely big and tasty fake! Brighten up your outfit with showy necklaces, jingling bracelets and eye-catching earrings. You can carry everything together. “Accessorizing” is a delight.

  1.  Wide belts with large buckles.

They are really and completely trendy! Wear a wide waist belt with a large buckle on a dress, on a sweater or even on your jacket. Go for a fashionable copy, richly decorated with large stones, stitching and studs.

  1.  White blouse.

Invest in a timeless white blouse. Of course you wear a camisole under and a warm and thick vest over it. But it is much more cheerful than the gloomy pullover that you are wearing for months.

  1.  Harem pants.

Pull those harem pants already on. Why should you wait any longer? Buy harem pants in a dark color, chic gray or blue jeans and wear it with a sweater. That gives again a very different feeling than your usual jeans or your black skinny jeans.

  1.  Booties.

Go for those ankle boots. Super Sexy ankle boots stay in fashion. Pamper yourself with a few exciting pairs and show them off directly.

  1.  Trendy sunglasses.

Update your look with a new pair of sunglasses. The frames are large and conspicuous. Treat yourself to a new model and stem which are already on the show. You may also be the first who has one!

  1.  A new pantsuit or tailor.

On the catwalks for summer 2009, we saw a lot of pantsuits and tailors with pants. They are spicy but still very feminine. Especially the performances in jeans wear are great.

  1.  Light bag.

In the spring collections we see many large, long models with two short rods and several pockets on the outside (useful for your mobile phone). Ideal for a new look. Go for a light spring color.

  1.  Short blazer.

Short blazers are doing well this spring. And the good thing is that you can wear them with many different clothes now. Wear them on your black pants or tight jeans. Chic and innovative…

      10. Sexy pencil skirt.

How about a sexy pencil skirt in black or denim version? They are back in fashion. Direct call!

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