Tips for long, full lashes

Tips for long lashes

Long Lashes Tips

Tips for long and full lashesFull and long eyelashes and mascara often gives us the desired look. However, it is not always easy to achieve.. Mascara has a tendency to clump the lashes, making them stick together, and therefore the eyelashes won’t look pretty when curled. But maybe we can help you. Follow our step-by-step instructions for long, full and sultry-looking lashes.

Step 1: Choose the right mascara

Before you decide to purchase mascara, it will be good to ask yourself what effect you are aiming to achieve. Have a close look at your eyelashes and decide what they need. Volume, length, or both? Head to the booth with ‘mascara-free’ eyelashes and try different products.

Step 2: Choose the color

Black or brown are the most common and most beautiful colors. Brightly colored mascaras are not trendy at the moment (but if you do feel like it, then why not?).

Step 3: Grooming your eyelashes

Once you have chosen the right mascara, then you can proceed to prepare your lashes for the application of mascara. The eyelash curler is absolutely essential for beautifully curled lashes.

The eyelash curler is easy to use – use it three time for each eye: once at the base of the eyelashes, close to the eyelid; once in the middle of the lashes to make them curl nicely, and once at the ends. Repeat this procedure for the other eye.


Step 4: Brush your eyelashes

Brush your eyelash and separate the hairs gently using an eyelash comb

Step 5: Use a primer

Use the primer as a base for your mascara. A primer (which usually looks like white mascara) gives your lashes volume and length and also protects your lashes.

Step 6: Apply mascara using the right techniques


There are several ways to apply mascara. For your eyelashes to appear fuller, apply the mascara in horizontal zigzag movements. If you want to make your eyelashes appear to be longer, comb the lashes from the base to the ends. Repeat this process – layer by layer – until you reach the desired results.

Make sure there is not too much mascara on your brush. If the hairs still clump together, brush them again.


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