Tips for the first days of summer

tips for first summer daysIt is wonderful to greet the sun after long, dark winter days. Ideally you would immediately throw out everything and you totally surrender to the warm sunshine. That explains why, when the sun is shining here, Netherlands is teeming with shorts and shirts. Understandable, but it’s not always stylish! Hence use this style guide for the first sunny days.






Not summer yet

Even if the sun is shining, yet in the spring the shades are often chilly. Go for summery materials – cotton, linen – and bright colors, but dress especially not to expose. It is really shabby if you are too cold (or too few dressed).

No bare toes 

if your feet and nails are not (yet) perfectly in order. If the air is still cool, you can also opt for the dense (but summer) shoes (sneakers, light-colored shoes with a closed round toe, summer boots, and ballerinas). Blue toes from cold are so ugly!

No bare belly!

It may make sense to go out in a short t-shirt or a short sweater and temperatures may perhaps also be suitable, but a bare belly is so out! Rather save some plain, but “belly-covering ‘vests and wear them under your short t-shirt or sweater. So you still have a go and at the same time you look trendy.

Burned out! 

Of course you want the sun! Enjoy the light and warmth. And above all, gain a healthy tan. But watch out. Before you know it, you’re burned. And a red and irritated skin flatters no one. To have a nice tan but to avoid the damage that sun can cause to your skin, always keep a sunscreen on hand in the spring and never expose your skin to the sun without protection!

No black stockings
Do not combine your new summer dress with black or dark stockings. That’s so passé. Skin-colored stockings are on their return. Summer fashion gives us other, more modern alternatives for cooler temperatures such as leggings and shorts under dresses and skirts can be worn.

5 DO’S

Bare legs

One of the first body parts that you can uncover in the spring (decently) are your legs. This is the time for the sexy combination of bare legs plus boots!

Layer upon layer

This is also the time for sexy summer tops, blouses and little cardigans. Wear layer upon layer so you are dressed both for the shade and for the sun, and if you have a terrace to go after work, don’t sit with heavy goose bumps in the evening. Play with different lengths and volumes. So stylish!

Put yourself in the latest spring colors

Go for lilac, pale pink or try the lemon or lime. Especially the last two colors are bright and trendy. They accentuate the amber touch that you have gained during the weekends. If you are a conservative type, start with a yellow blouse or shirt. ‘Fanatic’ fashionistas are probably already in a bright yellow dress!

Take all your new accessories out of the closet

With the fine accessories you can get there and be the Conrad for the day! Bags, sunglasses, belts, fancy jewelry. Do not leave them in the closet but wear them right away. They make any outfit instantly something special and you look instantly up-to-date.

Something old, something new

Most style icons have one thing in common: nonchalance. They do not look like they have just flashed all the way into the news. The trick of true stylish looks is that you look as if you “accidentally” achieved a perfect combination. Therefore, do not wait until the first beautiful day to wear your new summer clothes, but combine them with things you already have to create a nonchalant look. Hint: spare a couple of hours for yourself, take a large mirror and try all possible combinations with what you have left hanging from last summer, and with what you’ve bought new.

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