myths about loveAs much as we would like love to be all roses and intimacy, you must recognize that while in love, yes there will be good sex and children resulting in such liaisons, but then daily life happens. We are here to debunk some common love myths.


Love at first sight
That would be great, but unfortunately it is not so. Lust is more probable; love grows once you begin to know the person.


If you love each other, you always have sex
Not true. Everyone will be able to confirm from experience that this is not so. The sex is not only the love and physical attraction between two people, but a lot of other factors (just think of stress). If you (temporarily) have no interest in sex, it does not really say you do not love your partner.

There is always only one real true love in your life

This may be true for some people, but not for the majority of the world. The chance that you run into your soulmate is quite small considering there are 7 billion people in the world today. You can have several great loves in your life. It is a bit annoying when they overlap, however.

It is human nature to want to procreate as much as possible (just like all other animals), and if you meet a person who does not fit your needs anymore, it is natural to want to move on, to try to create more humans!


Sex should always be spontaneous
Not true. Sometimes a regular dinner date that always leads into a sexual encounter is just what a couple needs to look forward to at the end of the week.


If you’re cheating, you do not love your partner
This is not necessarily true, but it does show a crack in your relationship that needs to be worked out. Cheating is never okay.
Children are like cement for the relationship

It is thought that children bring the two sides of a relationship closer and acts as a glue however, it is not always true and sometimes can mean the opposite. Although parents always love their children, sometimes the extra work placed on the parents can cause a strain in the relationship. Generally there is less time to focus on each other.


People with a fixed relationship have less satisfying sex than singles
This is not true. Contrary to popular belief, couples in committed relationships can have just as satisfying, if not more so, sex than single people. Perhaps it is because they are comfortable in telling their partner exactly what they like.


Love conquers all

Again, not necessarily true. There are many things that love cannot overcome, like cheating or loss of desire. Love simply helps them to work their problems out, but does not solve the problem itself.
Sex is the most important thing in a relationship

Not at all, although it is extremely important, it is not always the most important. Sex can be a mirror of what’s going on in your relationship. If things are going well, the sex is usually good and if it is not, then it suffers.

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