How to understand fashion trends

How to interpret the fashion trends

understanding fashion trends

There are a huge number of emails we receive from readers which are about sales outlets or sales information. There are questions like “where can I buy the pants that you have published?” Emails like this come every day.

Our advice is the same for years. Trends are there to learn, to interpret them, but not to follow them literally.

If for any reason a bag from a famous maison charms you, or as an expensive jacket from a top designer draws your attention, do not grab your coat and credit card right away, but ask yourself first why you’re right about that garment, and not another. Try to understand what element or detail exactly appeals to you and then make one last round “on the market” (so to speak).

Of course designer clothing is crazy (we can at least imagine that – expensive – marks a particular attraction for the fashion conscious crowd), but not everyone can go beyond it. And if we are honest, we often fall on a garment or accessory of a famous designer, precisely because his or her name on it.

With the hundreds of dollars we count down, we do not just buy the garment or accessory but also state … And does that make sense now? To have but not to mention the risk you run into someone else with the exact same ‘must-have of the season’. It happens to the fashion victims who at all costs regularly want to attend the fashion.

Even the argument ‘designer clothing is so original and creative’ is not always true and is just a weak excuse for absurd amounts down from your budget. Because often enough we have just been inspired by the fashions and trends spontaneously ‘on the street’ or by young and creative designers who present creations.

The argument is yes … but the quality is much better. This bag will last a lifetime” is not always true. You can never tell if the next season will crash the previous season’s ‘must-have’ items down or not. The bag which you were so happy might be a disappointment a few months later. You might push it – well, you guessed it – back in the closet and it will soon be hidden under a layer of dust. It’s not a good idea to have a couple of nice, but ‘sustainable’ bags when you already know that moths will keep them company in your wardrobe after a few months.

This does not mean that you should not buy any designer items, on the contrary. We just want to say that it might be good to ask yourself whether the garment or accessory that you’ve put your cash has been so creative and so special. Sometimes this is indeed the case, and you steal the show with such a “unique” copy. But it can sometimes turn out differently, other times you’ll see your creation everywhere, you’re anything but ‘original’ and actually it does not cover the large expense that you made against the pleasure it gives you.

Shopping is fun, fashion and trends are fun.  Walking there like a fashion doll is less fun and a monthly salary spent on a pair of shoes or a jacket that you wear only a few months, is not also.

But what should you do? Let your imagination work and interpret trends to your own taste and personality. And take a good look around you, because it is precisely in the most unexpected corners you will find the clothes and accessories that you will wear … the best fun (and success)

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