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Top model Lily McMenamy shows how you wear vintage

The shoulder pads may protrude, the threads may hang from the collar may be worn out … if you have under your vintage winter but an ultra chic evening dress and high heels wearing.Top model Lily McMenamy shows how you wear vintage.

Lily McMenamy is separate . Quite apart. She is different from others. Lily is not a classic beauty, and it is perhaps precisely why fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Hedi Slimane happy with this model, daughter of supermodel Kirsten McMenamy work.

We saw Lily for the first time in the campaign of Marc Jacobs and had to get used to her. But when we saw her at Louis Vuitton in Paris (and photographed), we understood it: this woman has STYLE .

As you can see in the picture of our Fashion Director Charlotte Mesman, Lily wears – over vintage – coat. The fraying hang out and shoulder pads come through matter . The whole gives a bit of the idea of an old bank that you prefer to be rid of you or teddy bear with one eye and bulging belly still lying around in the attic. And yet, this jacket is chic. The secret is of course in the overall look and the way you know something to wear.

Combined with an elegant evening dress and high heels , this jacket ESP, just as Lily itself. Perhaps continues its look you up ideas!

Lily McMenamy shows how you wear vintage

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