How to wear clothes without a bra

Petals for your breasts: concealer cups for your nipples

How to wear clothes  without a braThere are clothes you prefer to wear without a bra: evening dresses, summer beach dresses, tops… But that is not always easy. Precisely the evening dresses and tops are often made of thin fabrics. If you are just a little cold, then nipples stab through the material.

Very sexy of course… Samantha of “Sex and the City” accentuated the effect even more. On television, in a fashion shoot or on the catwalk it may be nice, but in everyday life a thin sweater or tank top with no bra is sometimes very embarrassing. Fortunately, there are solutions.

The U.S. lingerie company “Maidenform” designed the “petal concealer, a flower-shaped pore strip that you stick on your nipples. The ‘petals’ camouflage your nipples very delicately and are perfect under tight and thin tops, sweaters and silk clothing. You can wear them anywhere, even in water (for example, under a white bikini that shines) or while sunbathing topless (to prevent burning).

The beauty of the “petals” is that they do not interfere with the natural movement of your breasts. Sexy ‘I-wear-no-bra’ effect is therefore preserved. The ‘petals’ only ensure a more subtle, less explicit and therefore perhaps even more seductive effect.

Besides concealing petals are also camouflage cups, which not only hide your nipples but also support your breasts. Thus Hunkemöller developedpetal concealer “Eve’s Bra”. This adhesive bra was away from the collection but it is (thankfully) back! It involves two strapless cups you hook from the front together and they literally stick to your breasts. No translucent nipples and also no straps across your back or shoulders! Another advantage is that you can use them again and again, while the petals are not re-usable.

And now you know it, it’s time to look through your wardrobe to run. Bet you will find a lot of clothing you to ‘technical’ reasons not contribute or may have even been worn. The ‘petals’ and concealer cups open up many possibilities. And at that fancy party you can wear your silk evening dress again … without any embarrassment.

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