A plea for the wedge heels

Heels, stilettos … Slim shaped, sometimes even dangerous-looking high heels. They were constantly in recent years and the undisputed number one top list of “seduction weapons of women.” But then suddenly the wedge (for insiders in the fashion world: the ‘wedge’) comes back again. And suddenly, the oh so sensual stiletto is pushed in the shade.

For some, it requires getting used to, especially for the men who really swear by a high cut foot. But others receive the wedge with cheers. And there is something to be said. Because the wedge has a lot of advantages!

The wedge heel makes your legs look long and slender

That is, at first sight compared to the stiletto heels, wedges usually look heavier. This makes your ankles and calves seem narrower. Moreover, even an inexperienced runner on the high heels, can get wedges easily and faster on her feet than high stiletto heels.The result? Even longer legs!

The wedge heel is easier than the stiletto

We actually mentioned this point already. The wedge has the great advantage that the height difference between the heel and the ball of your foot is less than a stiletto. As a result, there is less pressure on the ball of your foot and it’s easier than walking in heels. Moreover, you have the wedge grip and prevent uncertain wavering (an absolute advantage on a night out as you feel the influence the alcohol).

The wedge makes you sway

Just because the wedge gives you much more grip, you look fantastic on memorable cradles. The height gives you confidence. You feel tall, slim and sexy.

No chopping between the cobblestones

Anyone who’s wearing heels knows the ‘fight’ with the cobblestones in many Dutch cities. Either you run constantly on your toes or one of your heels gets stuck between the street stones (it happens to me often that I have to bend down and with both hands, and should tear off my beloved shoe from the stones). Not only is this scene not very elegant (and also very humiliating!), but in addition, it often produces a considerable damage to the heels and may cause the loss of the rubber heel. Good for the cobbler, but not for our wallets. Well, the problem is wiped completely out of the world with some great wedges. You can sway through the city with confidence.

Less raunchy
Another advantage of the wedge is that it is less common than the stiletto, especially during the day. Stiletto heels may be sexy, they remain difficult to combine. A stiletto heel under a miniskirt can be very beautiful, but there is a certain message on it. But the wedge is different because the heel is sportier, which lets these shoes combine more easily with your outfits.

Of course you have to be selective even in your choice of a pair of wedges when you to go to work. Keep in mind to be careful where and how you want to wear the wedges. A few pointers:

The wedges with tapering (as it were down to the inside) is generally more sophisticated than the wedge heels which are perpendicular to bottom. Such a wedge heel is perfect for commuting or even for a fancy party.

Wedges in leather or suede are generally more elegant and upscale than some espadrilles with wedge heels or wedge shoes with cork. Wear leather and suede wedges to work. Keep the espadrilles and cork wedges for the beach or for a summer barbecue in the garden.

Super sexy and delicious retro are the peep toe wedges (shoes that show a small piece of your middle toe on the front). They do great under a retro dress or skirt, but also under a pair of jeans.

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