White is popular at all

WHITE SHOESThe past few months you have probably bought a white garment. A white skirt – such a long frilly – a white ‘camisole’ in crisp cotton with embroidery, white trousers and a white summer sweater. White is in! And you may still prefer white-on-white which is airy and summery. But what kind of shoes you wear the hell below? In America they have found the answer: white, of course!

White shoes are the new craze. A trend (for her but also for him!) that we see on the hip-hop star Usher and Kanye West, they preferred mainly due to the time and the inveterate, and Paris Hilton who preferably wears with vertiginous heels.

Yet the case is not completely closed. White shoes send the shivers down the spines of many people – fashionista or not -. Traditionally, they are restricted to a limited number of specified occasions, where weddings are high on the hit list. Further, they are reserved for medical personnel and you may use it to appear on the tennis court. Thus we are just about to have it. Or rather had… Because the tide has turned. White shoes are cool!

My wardrobe already adorns a pair of white summer sandals. It is quite surprising how quickly you subconsciously pick up a trend. So a month ago I ended up coming home with a pair of high-heeled snow. The shoes align themselves with an ankle strap and on the strap that goes over the foot, a metal heart shines. Fair to say that I have not yet worn them, but that’s more a matter of capricious Dutch weather than any reluctance on the risky (non) color of my latest acquisition.

This brings us directly to the heart of the matter. I took the sandals out of the box several times. I have worn them and pulled in several outfits to see how they go with each other. But white shoes, no matter how cool they are right now, are simply not easy.
White on white is fine. There you can join on all sides. But white shoes under a dark outfit are highly debatable. White shoes may actually only look nice if they are not too much in contrast with the rest of your outfit.I just mentioned it all again. With white sandals – extremely vulnerable by the immaculate color – simply imagine you do not like to expose an unexpected downpour. But there are other reasons why wearing these yet so lovely shoes are not about roses.

Furthermore, white shoes are hard to wear with socks. Temperatures have to be pleasant if you want to hit a good figure with your white shoes. Bare feet are a must, but blue feet from the cold in a trendy white shoe have no face! The American fashionistas – who now also busy studying the phenomenon – add that a little wick is permitted to the ankle, but only in white sneakers. Thus we have had it, at least if we want to keep looking chic.

Recently in a store I had white shoes in my hands – this time one with a thick wedge – and when I gingerly slid them to my feet, something else was clear: white shoes should not be too flashy! The distinctive character of the shoe in question was that it was too obvious. I looked like someone who, at all costs, wanted to follow the latest fashion. With a sigh, I put the otherwise very nice shoes back on the shelf.

Now really intrigued by the ‘difficult character’ of the white shoe, I thought about other situations in which they might or not be as such. Closed white shoes with high heels, so I thought, one must exercise with extreme caution. Insert a tanned foot in a shoe and away you get an elegant result. With white sneakers sunburned calves may yet look nice, but the result is debatable with every other model.

An extreme chic combination, however, is a pair of white shoes with a retro-glam outfit. What about white shoes under a flared skirt to the knee that you wear a little sweater over? Hereby I would even dare to wear a small white handbag, or white, high sandals under a light, small trench! Incredibly elegant!!

After these thoughts I take my white sandals yet again out of the box. Yes, I wear them with a total white outfit or a 50s skirt. But then I glance through the window and sigh, I put the box back. I want to wear them “decently” on a nice sunny day.

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