These men will not make you happy!

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How many of our readers still have to deal with concerned friends and family who wonder why they are still single and always offer unsolicited advice? They try to set you up with a “friend of a friend” and you agree just to make them stop asking. Often these meetings end up being big disappointments and you never see the person again. This is because you did not willingly choose this person to go on a date with but rather someone else chose for you and you reluctantly agreed just to make your mother stop asking. There are a few types of men that you should stay away from completely, even if your mother continues to bug you with questions about why you are still single. Here are 5 types of men to avoid.


The Mama’s Boy

“My mom says she does this…”, or “My mom told me…” Beware! If you already get the impression on the first date that this guy would rather sit on the couch with his mom watching television, it might not be a good idea to continue seeing him. Be aware that if you do get through this and come to love this man, his mother will more than likely be a dominant force in your life and you may get very sick of being around or hearing about her.



You’ll recognize him instantly. He chooses the restaurant, he chooses the film (and cinema), and he decides what time you meet and when it’s time to go leave. He feels his own company is preferable to anyone else’s and has to be in control of everything. Avoid this man because he might end up even being violent if he does not get his own way.




The miser looks for your first dinner together in a tent or on a bench so he does not have to pay, even if he can afford much more. The word “tip” is not in his dictionary (poor waiter). He does everything to find a way to be cheap, from parking far away to only letting you order a salad. If he is like this on a first date, trying to make a good first impression, can you imagine what he is like when he feels comfortable with you?


Everyone’s friend

Instead of going to a quiet restaurant and spending time together in a quiet intimate corner surrounded by candlelight, you go out with a big group of his friends. He gives you little attention and seems to show off for his friends. It does not even occur to him that you want him to yourself just for one evening. If this is the case, you had better end this date before you go insane. Let him stay with his friends. Find someone who will focus on you for a change.


The friendly ex

He hangs out with his exes and claims they are friends, or maintains close contact with them over the phone or email. This is never a good situation and you should avoid this man at all costs. Even on his first date he may ask if you mind that he hangs out with his exes because she was sad about their separation and he wants to be friends with her. He gets mysterious phone calls and text messages at any time of day and night and you wonder if it is a harem or one of his ex-girlfriends (sometimes one and the same, no?). Our advice is to stay away from him for good.

Of course, the above list is meant to be humorous meant, but it is not far from the truth!

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