You like him, but he is undecided

You like him, but he is undecided

We’ve all been there (or maybe you are there this very moment): you feel strongly attracted to someone, you might be in love. You think about him constantly and have butterflies in your stomach. Everything you do, how you dress, how you behave yourself all revolves around him and what he may think of you.

You are smitten with him because he is very charming, single, intelligent, attractive… but there is a flaw you can’t get past, and that is that he does not know what he wants from you, relationship-wise. He is undecided whether to pursue something with you or not. You take the plunge and tell him you are interested in having a relationship with him, yet he says nothing similar back to you.

It’s not that he does not like you, it probably does not have anything to do with you, actually. This is a true case of “It’s not you, it’s me”. Maybe he has been hurt recently in the past (or even further back) and is afraid of getting hurt again. After all, men and women are equal in this modern age and you are afraid of getting hurt, aren’t you? It is not inconceivable that he is afraid too, even if he won’t admit it.

How do you get a man to know that you find him interesting enough to date without seeming overly needy or pathetic? If he perceives you as such he will be like a startled deer in the headlights who runs away. Well, we have some advice for you to avoid this deer in the headlight syndrome while still making your position on the relationship known so there is no question where you stand.

– Talk to his friends, and especially with his friends who are girls. Sometimes information received from others is better than what he tells you to your face because he may be censoring his information. He has plenty of time to think about the situation which is important because he can think about what he wants to say, but information from others might be more candid and truthful.

– Let him know that you appreciate his company without exaggerating. Just let him know that you like to talk and hang out with him or have a cup of coffee with him, anything. In short, make sure he knows you’re happy with him and that you have no doubts of what you want.


– Make him jealous but only a little. Again, do not exaggerate! Do it subtly, but let him know that if he fails to act, he can forget it. You cannot wait for him forever. Also, your patience may be running thin. Be kind to him, but also pay attention to other men, especially if he’s there. A little jealousy can sometimes make even mountains move.

– If he really does not respond, then it’s your turn. If you really like him, now is the time to take action. Talk to him and tell him openly that you like him. Do not be afraid of a truthful answer from him. At this point, it’s better that you have clarity.

– Usually, item 4 does wonders, but if after this sneaky maneuver he does not make him bite, then our advice is to just look around you again. The sea is full of fish and there is certainly someone out there who will appreciate you and love you enough to form a lasting relationship with you.

– And you? What are your opinions and techniques? How do you let him know you like him? How do you pull him over the line? Send us your ideas and opinions through the window below. The most interesting comments are published.

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